Brigitte (pronounced Brah-Get-ah) came to the US with a dollar to her name and knowing very little English.  She married a soldier and worked on the family farm.  Realizing that the farm life was not for her, she started working a Fred’s Cafe.  Through hard-work, determination and a smile that could light up a room she eventually owned her own restaurant. In 1970 she bought the business from Fred and Brigitte’s Cafe was born. Brigitte was famous for her larger than life personality and the ability to make everyone feel at home. She was a stickler for details and always made sure that the napkins were placed just right. 

While Brigitte’s Cafe started as a diner on Highway 10, it has had a few other locations over the years.  There was a truck stop on I-94 in Clearwater and there was even a German nightclub where the servers wore lederhosen.  Boy how the times have changed!

The Three

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Julie Bichler


David Olson


Michael Olson

Brigitte’s children have been part of the restaurant since they were kids.  To this day they are still sometimes referred to as the three kinder (kids in German).  In 2000, the three kinder brought Brigitte’s Cafe back to St Cloud.  

David was always back in the kitchen bright and early preparing quality food quickly.  Julie was running around out front to make sure everyone and everything was running smoothly.  Michael ran the night shift and made sure the night ended just like the day started.  The three of them made a great team and continued the tradition of homemade food and great service at a reasonable price.


Arthur and Brad Bichler

Third Time

Is A Charm

Now it’s the grand kids turn.  Brad and Arthur took over the restaurant in the summer of 2019.  As kids, Grandma Gita was larger than life with her big hair and bling.  She was always filled with laughter, great stories and exciting surprises.  We both have fond memories of working at the Cafe with our grandmother, mom and uncles.  Grandma Gita valued and rewarded hard work.  She always noticed when you went the extra mile and we still strive to provide that extra something today.  Enjoy!

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